Consignment Programs

XMED consignment is a series of fulfillment programs in which XMED provides certain products to a facility, at not cost to the facility, to be dispensed/used on patients.  XMED bills the insurance carriers directly for these products.

Case Management

Timely discharges

  • No waiting for DME technician to arrive with equipment
  • Facility has the items typically required for discharge
  • Equipment available for weekend and after hours discharges
  • Happy patients and staff!
  • Minimal paperwork requirements
  • Same requirements as standard DME order (prescription, demographics, etc.)
  • XMED handles all inventory and restocking of equipment
  • Liability reduction
  • Billing follows strict adherence to Medicare guidelines, and current HCPC codes and schedules

Typically stocked items:  walkers, folding commodes, nebulizers, wheelchairs

All patients are free to use their provider of choice.

There is no cost whatsoever for the facilities which use XMED’s consignment program(s). 

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