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CPAP & Mask Replacement

Proper maintenance will prolong the use of your CPAP equipment and mask, but over time your equipment will need to be replaced.  Here are some signs that your equipment is overdue for replacement:

  • Tubing is discolored, stretched or unable to fit onto the CPAP.
  • Mask seals are discolored, not sealing as well as when new or show signs of tearing.
  • Headgear is over-stretched or discolored.
  • CPAP chamber shows evidence of deterioration including residue buildup on the heater-base, signs of cracking, or small water leaks.

Many insurance providers recognize the need for CPAP equipment and mask replacements and may cover the cost of some of these.  A typical replacement schedule of your equipment is shown below:

Replacement Schedules*
Product Replacement

A) Disposable Filter
B) Reusable Filter

A) 2 Per Month Sent in 3 Month supply
B) 1 every 6 months

Nasal Pillows/Cushions Twice per month. Sent in 3 month supply
Full Face Seal Monthly
Tubing 3 Month
Mask 3-6 Months
Chamber 6 Months
Headgear 6 Months

*Insurance replacement schedules vary: please contact your insurance provider for details.


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