Oxygen Therapy

XMED Oxygen and Medical Equipment recognizes that each oxygen therapy patient has a unique set of circumstances based on the progression of their disease state, desired activity level and personal preference. Oxygen concentrators, stationary and portable oxygen systems, and high pressure cylinders are available to coincide with each physician's prescription. It’s our belief that when patient needs are most accurately met, patient outcomes continue to improve.

Regular monitoring of how closely each respiratory patient follows the prescribed course of treatment helps XMED Oxygen and Medical Equipment ensures compliance with liter flow and hours of use. It is this regular monitoring that increases the likelihood that patients will receive the maximum benefit from prescribed therapies. Our wide suite of services also allows for program modifications to be made quickly to accommodate fluctuation in disease condition or change in lifestyle need. As a result, patients and physicians can rest assured that XMED Oxygen and Medical Equipment is equipped to be a long-term partner in the fight against COPD and other respiratory disease.

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