Sleep Success - Patient Engagement Process

  1. Referral Received - We will send referral con?rmation to referral source and contact patient notifying them we have received an order within 24 hours.

  2. Qualification - We will review the documents received and verify insurance within 72 hours. We will reach out to referral source or physician requesting any additional documentation needed. We will notify patient of any delay due to prior authorization.

  3. Patient Contact and Scheduling- Patient is ready for set up. We will contact patient notifying them of cost, and explain insurance compliance requirements. We will then schedule patient and notify referral source.

  4. Set-Up Complete - Once set up is completed we will send patient a welcome email explaining who we are and what to expect. We will also send con?rmation to referral source with delivery date.

  5. SleepSuccess! - Patient is now entered into our SleepSuccess program. Patients are loaded in to Airview, Careorchestator, or Infosmart website and physician is tagged. Follow up set for 3 day, 14 day, and 30 day call and loaded in system for 3 month resupply calls.
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