TelehealthThe Problem:

Complex Chronic Conditions that aren't managed result in health complications that result in acute interventions, ramping up costs, and reducing the quality of the patient experience. Chronics Diseases are amongs the most widespread and costly challenges in the US. "To achieve optimum clinical outcomes, address multiple quality measures, and manage patient expectations, healthcareproviders need to vigilantly manage chronic diseases across clinically diverse populations."

The Solution:

XMED works with professional clincians, and remote technology to manage patients disease management in the homes. Patient with multiple comorbidities, social economic backgrounds, and diverse populations.

XMED utilizes easy to use technology to engage with patients, enable early intervention, and provide effective chronic disease management.

  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Early disease interventions
  • Continous Patient Care
  • Application of latest clinical practices
  • Manage multiple comorbidities including behavioral health
  • Improved medication adherance
  • Improved physician and patient encounter communications
  • Smoking cessation programs


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