What You Can Expect

  1. Your physician will send your information, including the necessary documents, to XMED so your account can be created.
  2. Within 24 hours of receiving this information, you will receive an automated call and/or email from XMED confirming receipt of your order.
  3. XMED will verify your insurance and notify you if any additional documents are needed and will work to obtain that information from your physician.
  4. Once all documents are approved, we will schedule your appointment to set up and train you on your equipment according to your physician’s orders.
  5. Our dedicated Sleepsuccess compliance team is commited to help you succeed with your PAP therapy, especially within that first critical 90-day period. 6. An XMED representative will follow up with a call to make sure you receive the necessary supplies each time you become eligible for a new order. Typically every 90 days, subject to compliance adherence.
News & Updates

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